God this is hard!

Funny you know, even though I was determined to start blogging on a regular basis, it simply hasn’t eventuated.

The pressures of life these days are just, well, just huge!

That is of course unless you were fortunate enough to be born in to money, or sell drugs. Neither of which I have had the fortune to experience.

NQ Images

Gooday to all and sundry.

This is the first and hopefully not the only post to NQ Images blog, aimed at all those interested in photography, so that you have yet another blog to contend with.

Neale and myself have operated out of Townsville in North Qeensland for the past six years with our focus being on Sports Photography.

This has in part been brought about by the limited availability of opportunities here in Townsville and by the necessity to establish a style in order to further those much sought after shoots.

Needless to say we both love what we do, (yes Neale we do!) and here in North Queensland, the opportunity to shoot outdoor sporting events is probably one of the best gigs available.